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When Silence Hurts

@ Anne Frehill

by Anne Frehill

About the Book

Evelyn Moore and her husband Kevin present as a happily married couple. It is Redmills’ greatest lie.

1958. A time of stagnation in Ireland—one where women are seen as mere appendages to men and there is a grey mediocrity which pervades everything. This is especially true in Redmills, a small town far away from the bright lights of Dublin. It’s beleaguered with unemployment, poverty, and an insidious begrudgery that permeates its citizens’ lives.

Evelyn Moore and her husband Kevin present as a happily married couple. She works as a personal assistant to a local international author, and he is a gifted and highly sought-after veterinarian. Kevin is viewed as the perfect gentlemen. It is Redmills’ greatest lie.

Evelyn seethes behind closed doors. She is subjected to regular outbursts of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse. For years she has acquiesced to his demands in keeping with the sultrifying conformity of society.

Following the rescue of an elderly woman from her cottage which is on fire, Kevin`s status in the local community rises to that of a Godlike figure. This feeds into his narcissistic personality and when combined with injuries sustained in the burning building, makes their marriage a living hell.

She is forced to face the fact that for her own mental health and safety she must somehow bring this pathetic union to an end. Yet this is a country where “separated women” are treated as outcasts and there is no real legal provision for them.

Will she discover the inner strength to leave him and the courage to stick with her decision despite the chains which bind them?

For one battered wife, finding freedom in a town where secrets linger around every corner will not be easy. It might even be impossible. Evelyn must undergo a transformational journey to escape her situation where she finds real friendship and romance in the most unlikely of places.


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Sold by: Anne Frehill

Anne`s earliest memories are of storybooks and her delight in them. She stacked them  in boxes and in presses, earning her the name “ bookworm” with her family, while they acted as a spur to make her an able reader before starting school. Anne studied social science at UCD and worked in the field of professional social work for many years. However, a serious accident forced her to change careers and she studied history and folklore while being a carer to her Dad. Anne has had short stories and non -fiction published in a range of magazines over the years. She has also contributed to Sunday Miscellany on RTE Radio. Since the start of the Pandemic she has written regularly in a local online newsletter, on various topics including history, folklore, nature and spirituality. She is passionate about animal welfare and care of the earth. Anne grew up in Meath ( where she still lives) close to two castles: Dunsany Castle and Killeen Castle and within walking distance of the legendary site of the High Kings of Ireland at the Hill of Tara. These historic areas are  woven into the landscape of her novels as well as other prominent places from the Boyne Valley like King John`s Castle in Trim. While in "Reapers of Justice," there is an interesting chapter featuring the protagonist Sarah and no less a person than Michael Collins, a leading figure in the War of Independence. Family lore has always maintained that her mother ( Delia Collins) was distantly related to the great man but Anne has yet to find empirical evidence to prove this.

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