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Darerca is the sister of Saint Patrick and a holy woman in her own right.

It’s said that she married twice and that her seventeen sons became bishops and that her daughters also followed saintly paths. The tale opens in the late 4th century before sweeping into the 5th and closing in the 6th just as the monasteries were growing stronger.

The story is an expansion of my earlier work ‘Paddy’ and indeed may incorporate that fine work.

A tale of early Ireland. A time when the druids ruled and marauding bands of raiders kidnapped slaves. A time when Patrick himself was kidnapped and taken to Ireland. A time when High Kings and Chieftains ruled the land. A time when legendary warriors, Cu Chulainn and Cailte, waited in line to speak with Patrick.

An Extract:

After thirteen days of hard travelling, he breathed a sigh of relief as he got close to the harbour at Wicklow. He’d been forewarned in a dream that a boat would take him. There were several boats, and one seemed to be preparing for sea. He approached the captain, assuming that the peaked cap on the man’s head signified rank.
The man scowled at his approach. He was a burly individual with black hair concealed under a woollen hat, unshaven and a hard face.
“What you wanting, boy?”
“I need to get to Britannia. Willing to work for a passage.”
The captain shook his head. “We’re going to Gaul. No passages here. Sorry.”
Paddy nodded, aware that a few seamen were looking at him curiously. “Gaul would do,” he said.
The captain shook his head. “No,” he insisted. “We’ve a full crew.”
Paddy started to walk away. There was a small church nearby and he paused to pray.
Some of the seamen noticed this, and being a superstitious lot, they appealed to the captain. “Ah, sure. Take the lad. What harm can it do? He might bring us luck on our voyage.”
The captain liked to keep his crew happy. He called out to Paddy. “Hey, boy. Come back here.”
“Yes, Sir?” Paddy asked.
“We’re bringing a load of dogs to Gaul…have you any experience of looking after animals?”
“Yes, Sir. I shepherded sheep.”
“That’s good enough,” the captain decided. “Go aboard, son. The men will show you your quarters. Report to the first mate in two hours for work duty.”
“Gur a mhaith agat,” said Paddy.
The captain smiled at Paddy’s use of the Irish lingo. “Cad is ainm duit?”
“Padraig,” Paddy replied. “Paddy.”
“That’s a right Irish name, Paddy. Okay, we’ll see you later. Get a bit of sleep and some food into you.”
As he made his way below decks, Paddy made the sign of the cross.
The first mate caught the captain’s eye. “A holy boy,” he exclaimed. “You did right to take him.”
The captain nodded.

From the author of Paddy, King Brian, The Scribe, The Nationalists, Exile, Vigilis, The Soaring Spirit and Land of Our Father.


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Sold by: Liam Robert Mullen
So, who is Liam Robert Mullen when he’s at home? Born in London to Irish parents, Liam returned to Ireland at an early age and grew up in Dublin. He worked for a long time with Eir, before leaving in 2000. Liam has had a lifelong interest in writing and has completed courses with the Irish Writer’s Centre, the Writer’s Digest School in Ohio, the London School of Writing and professional media qualifications with Griffith College Dublin. Liam now resides in Kilrane, Rosslare - what people call the sunny southeast, and mostly they are right. His books are stocked locally and in major libraries. One of his short stories is called ‘The Blow-In’. What does that tell you? Liam likes working across different genres, in particular, historical fiction. Other genres include biblical stories, crime and mystery, experimental writing like travel articles and poetry, Irish fiction including some written in the Irish language, submarine thrillers and even westerns. Connect at [email protected] https://medium.com/@liammullen/creating-an-author-brand-c6cd4e98c52a WordPress is freelancer555.WordPress.com Facebook is https://www.m.facebook.com/liam.mullen.7140? And a ProConnect page at https://www.kirkusreviews.com/author/liam-mullen/ And good reads at https://www.goodreads.com/irishwriter112 Twitter handle is @irishwriter112 Other books include: Sorting out Charlie - a YA tale set in India and Ireland. Resolvendo a vida de Charlie - the Portuguese edition. Mano - There's a new cop in Hawaii and he doesn't take prisoners. Also available in Spanish. Chief Mano. the second story. Mano's War: Currently underway. Bio - A romance story set in Vietnam. Pacific Deeps, Atlantic Deeps, Mediterranean Deeps and Arctic Deeps. Manhunt: Cop story set in New York. Plainclothes, The Department, The Job, Precinct, Narc, Veterans (underway) - further cop stories in this series. King Brian: A story about Brian Boru. Paddy: A story about Saint Patrick. Darerca: A story about Saint Patrick's sister - currently underway. Sacrosanct: Planning stages. The Blow-In: A prequel, of sorts, to Sacrosanct. Wolf Neumann: A prequel to Die Bergtruppen. Die Bergtruppen: A war story set in Finland during World War 2. Frontier Law: A western about the Texas Rangers. Frontier Guns: The next one in the Frontier series. Vigilis: A biblical story, recently released. Snownun: A story released for toddlers. The Secrets of Age: the second Larry Lir story. War: Short stories featuring war as a backdrop. Raw: A sequel to War. The Soaring Spirit: Spiritual musings. Land of our Father: Short stories etc. Belfast: A thriller set in the North. Exile: A follow-up story to The Nationalists.

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